Hemp Body Care

Hemp is extremely suitable for body care products. It isn't only found in many specific hemp body care, but also in products which are for sale in almost every pharmacy. It's a natural alternative for some chemical products used normally.

Many different kinds of products

The oils extracted from hemp seeds can be used in a wide variety of body care products. In online shops selling hemp body care you'll find hemp shampoo, hemp moisturizer, hemp body lotion, hemp body wash, hemp conditioner, hemp face wash, hemp hand cream, hemp foot protector and hemp face cream.

Organic instead of chemical

People living as natural and biological as possible might be willing to use hemp products. Hemp oil is completely organic, while todays popular products mostly use chemical ingredients. Body care products containing only natural ingredients are still very scarce.

Already effective in small amounts

Hemp seed oil must not be heated, as they will lose their positive effects that way. You won't need a high amount of hemp oil in your body care products. Scientific research has demonstrated that for skin products have to consist of hemp for only 2 or 3 percent to be effective. Some companies sell products with up to 30% percent. This will not harm you but also isn't strictly needed.

Used for many centuries

You might think that hemp body care products are invented very recently. That's not true. Prove has been found for the fact that they have already been used in the 16th century. You don't have to worry that it's something new. If the people who lived 500 years ago were using it, you can use it for sure.

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