Hemp Soap

In todays economy all kinds of soap are available. You might have never heard of some of them. What do you think of beer soap? Already used chocolate soap sometimes? One of the best of these strange smelling soaps is probably hemp soap.

What hemp soap can be used for

Hemp soap can’t be used only for your face, but also for the hands and the rest of your body. It can be used for practically everything. It can be a good alternative if you’re allergic for gluten. The hemp seed oil also has a moisturizing and softening effect. It removes all kinds of dirt without giving you a dry skin.

No risk of getting high

Most hemp soaps are made from male plants. This means that you can’t get high from them, as they do not contain the ingredient resulting in getting high. So you don’t have to worry about that. Soap made of hemp oils is just as safe as any other kind of soap.

Choose your own scent

Won’t you like to smell like hemp? Hemp soap is available in loads of scents. Peppermint for example, lavender, cinnamon or jasmine. Practically all varieties you can think of. Advantage is that all these soaps still have the powerful effects of the hemp seed oil.

Difficult to make it yourself

You can make hemp soap yourself, but the process to make it is known to be relatively difficult. It’s difficult for sure if you want to use hemp oils only and not any other oils. If you still want to try it yourself you can do this by making use of the instruction video. The risks are all yours.

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